A comprehensive guide about storing kiln dried firewood for beginners

The fact that you do not have to wait around for kiln-dried firewood to get dry enough to burn, gives it an edge over seasoned firewood. The kiln-dried wood has an incredibly low amount of moisture that makes it ready to burn as it comes out of the kiln.

Where Should You Store Your Firewood?

  • When it comes to the storage of firewood, location plays a significant role. The place where you choose to store the firewood influences its usage and burning efficiency. Here is a guide to the proper storage of kiln-dried firewood.

Indoor Storage

  • You must have heard all sorts of opinions about storing firewood inside the home. It is commonly believed that storing firewood inside can bring unwelcomed pests and molds. However, it is not true in the case of kiln-dried firewood. One of the notable characteristics of kiln-dried firewood is that the process of kiln drying ends up removing insects and mildew.

Moreover, kiln drying lowers moisture content thereby restricting mold growths in the future. Therefore, there is no need to be concerned about kiln-dried firewood bringing unwanted insects inside your home.

Advantages Of Indoor Storage

  • The controlled indoor environment is perfect for protecting your wood from unfavorable weather conditions, moisture, and insects. it is however not necessary to store kiln-dried wood inside.

But if you have enough space, storing the firewood inside is an excellent option since it is a much safer option than keeping it outside.

Outdoor Storage

  • Kiln-dried firewood can be stored outside but it is a much riskier bet than indoor storage. This is because the firewood stored outside is exposed to unpredictable nature. For instance, a rainstorm or heavy rainfall would cause the wood to burn less efficiently by raising the moisture content of the firewood.

In addition, when the moisture content of wood raises, it provides an optimal breeding ground for all sorts of pests and mold. However, if you are not comfortable storing your firewood inside or the space is not enough, here are some ways that will help lessen the risks associated with outdoor storage.

Outdoor Storage Conditions

If you prefer storing your kiln-dried firewood outside, here are some rules to live by:

Keep The Wood Off The Ground

  • The moisture content of the firewood can be easily altered if it comes in contact with grass, soil, or mud. Therefore, it is advisable to keep the firewood off the ground.

Allow Air Circulation

  • Do not store your wood in such a way that prevents air circulation. When you are storing the firewood stack it in a way that allows airflow on all sides.

Stack The Pile On A Flat Surface

  • When stacking wood, always choose a flat and leveled surface to prevent the neatly stacked pile from tumbling away.

Choose The Location Wisely

  • storing kiln dried firewoodDo not stack the wood on areas on your property that are particularly prone to soaking during rainstorms. These are the least ideal spots for storing your kiln-dried firewood.

Avoid Excessively Shady Areas

  • The wood stacks must get plenty of sunlight throughout the day. Areas with too much shade won’t help keep the firewood dry.

Stack Away From Your Home

  • It is also important to keep the piles of wood stacked away from the living area. This helps reduce the risk of fire or unwanted pests crawling their way from the wood to your house.

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