Learn the different ways to extend the life of products made from lumber

From being strong and pliable to versatile, lumber gives you a lot of good reasons to build with. Although lumber is known for its durability, it eventually begins to show signs of damage especially when its maintenance is overlooked. Here is how you can retain the lifespan and integrity of your wood structures.

Use Stronger Wood

  • When looking for sturdy and reliable wood for building, redwood, and cedar are the best options. These types of lumber are highly durable. The structures made from redwood and cedar will last a lifetime in contrast to other penetrable wood.

However, due to constant exposure to sun and moisture, the products made from this wood may become dull. But protective measures can be taken to prevent discoloration of the wood products.

Stain The Wood Products

  • Staining is considered a cosmetic measure to give your lumber a unique and attractive look. It is not only a great way to enhance the appearance of lumber but it also effectively adds a protective layer.

This is highly useful for preventing the wood structures from rotting. Moreover, it slows down the process of decay. However, not all stains are created equal.

Choosing The Right Type Of Stain

  • Oil-based stains are the most effective for protecting the wood. This type of paint penetrates deep into the wood pores and seals them off thereby preventing rot and water damage. Furthermore, staining your lumber is also helpful for blocking the UV rays of the sun that would otherwise lead to graying of the wood structures.

Sun damage causes the wood to look gray and old. Oil breaks down with time, therefore, the stain should be ideally reapplied every two years.

Wash Your Lumber Clean

  • When wood gets dirty and gray it may look like it’s about to give in and crumble. When tannic acid from inside the wood rises to the surface, the wood begins to gray. Fortunately, this does not change the color of the wood permanently. You can have your wood products look as good as new with some wood brightener, wood cleaner, and a rag or brush.

However, if the tannins have been building up for a long time, using a power washer will successfully clean the wood. But care should be taken while using the power washer, as too much pressure can prove damaging for the wood fibers.

Use Pressure Treated Lumber

  • products made from lumberPressure-treated lumber is treated with specialized chemicals that protect the wood by repelling everything from insects to water, and dirt. This is what makes piers and docks retain their integrity despite being exposed to saltwater and harsh weather for decades. PTL is the most popularly used wood for demanding structures such as a deck.

However, pressure-treated lumber may not prove suitable for every project since it is not a very attractive option. Nonetheless, PTL is the best choice if you need your wood structures to withstand the harshest conditions.

Keep It Covered

  • Covering the lumber products while the wood structures are being built is a wise move to protect your wood from external elements. Wood projects can take a few days to complete and leaving the lumber exposed for too long may not be good. Under unfavorable circumstances, lumber can bend, twist, and turn thereby rendering it useless.

It is important to store the lumber in a shed or garage when it’s not being used. However, if you do not have that sort of arrangement covering it from top to bottom with traps is also helpful for protecting it.

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