BolDesign Bi-Fold Wood Kiln Doors (Safest Doors for your Machines and People)

The Safest Wood Kiln Doors in the Industry

Boldesign Inc Bi-Fold wood drying Kiln Doors

This horizontal Bi-Fold design is constructed of heavy aluminum structural tubing, welded into a strong framework, and fitted with 2” thick, mineral wool insulation. After being covered with 6 mil. Vinyl sheeting, the door panels are covered with the same 0.040” aluminum as with the side-wall and roof panels, smooth on the inside, corrugated on the outside. The main door thing

es are constructed of 1/2” thick x 2” wide aluminum bars, welded to the doorframe and pinned through two other bars on the adjoining members with 3/4” diameter, stainless steel pins. The door utilizes a rubber, tadpole-type bulb gasket at the pinch points at the top and center hinge, with a soft, double bulb silicone rubber seal on each side. Once in place, the door is clamped shut by latches, providing the best door seal available. A 2 hp brake motor, directly connected to a 60:1 reducer drive, which in turn is directly connected to a winch, raises the door. For safety, the door is designed so that any of the cables can support the entire door. Call a Technician Today  

BolDesign Powered Vent Fan Unit

All aluminum frame utilizes a roll-formed barrel 25” dia. X 36” long. This welds to a mounting plate, flanged to bolt to the wall. A choke-type damper closes the unit when not venting using a diaphragm-type operator. The fan is a six-bladed, 24” dia, and cast aluminum, reversible fan with a taper lock bushing to mount. The 2hp motor is marine duty, with epoxy dipped windings, stainless steel shaft, and sealed bearings.

Boldesign Inc. Powered Vent Fans
Boldesign Control Panel

BolDesign Control Panel

Our control panels come programmed with the correct dump cycle settings that allow you to take full advantage of our fast and efficient wood drying process.  It is vital that your staff is properly trained to manage this process to get the desired results.

History of Wet Air Venting™️

BOLDesigns kilns have outperformed competitors’ kilns throughout the past years since 1985. The primary reason has been the patented Wet Air Venting system. This is the most effective venting system available because it vents the air as it exits the lumber while it is saturated and before being mixed with outside air or reheated. The system vents much less total air, giving substantial savings on heat. These powered ventilators reverse direction in order to push or pull the required make-up air into the kiln when venting is necessary. The reversing action of the vent fans are tied directly to the direction of the main fans in order to exhaust moisture-laden, saturated air only from the exiting side of the load. This design ensures higher efficiency operation and more precise EMC control.