AG Parker Lumber Company

Product:: Southern Yellow Pine

Lumber Lengths : 8’-16”

Thickness : 1” - 8”

Package width: 4’

Stacking: 2 packages wide @ 16’ long

8 packages high of 2 layer @ 8” thick lumber

2 packages deep @ 4’ wide

Kiln Dimensions:

WIDTH 33’ 0” 33’ 10”
DEPTH 16’ (useable area) 16’ 6”
Door height 15’-0”




Six (6)  48” FANS with  hp fan drive system, which should give 40,000 CFM each @¼” static pressure for a total airflow of approximately ___240,000___ CFM - Estimated airflow through the lumber___750 FPM__.

(The only steel items in the heated area of the chamber are the fan shafts and fans)

BURNER DESCRIPTION -(Propane) gun type burner, 1,600 RPM motor squirrel cage blower, adjustable damper, control panel, dual shut off volume/regulator, 24-volt transformer, flame safeguard, air safety switch, 110V supply.

Heat: Direct Fired – Two (2) – 2.5 million BTU burners giving a total of 5.0 MBTU


Wet Air Venting System - (1) 10,000cfm each gives positive exhausting of moisture laden air to control the wet bulb temperature. The aluminum fan, with aluminum frame, air operated truck brake actuator, 2hp motor for corrosive atmosphere, which reverses with the circulating air fans to always exhaust the wettest air. This is a patented by Boldesigns, inc.



DESIGN CONTROLLER - Fully automated built-in control package accessed by a true touch screen and using windows-based programming with help option for each screen. This unit will do everything your desk-top pc will do, including wireless networking, data download with an I-stick, and direct linking to your existing network. The unit has its own web address so that it can be direct accessed from anywhere and can be tech supported from anywhere.

Two (2) RTD sensors for dry bulb(s) to and measure control the heat set points in the Dry Kiln,

One (1) RTD sensor for wet bulb to measure control the relative humidity in the Dry Bulb.

One (1) wet bulb mounting bracket.

Controls Panel - (supplied by BOLDesign) - will include an internal disconnect with a reversing magnetic, individual motor starter with overload protection. We plan to supply a thermostat and produce a signal to modulate either a vent to change air or an optional variable speed control for the fan motor to control the amount of hot air being drawn from the manifold. Motors wired into panel.

Walls - Wall frames are constructed of welded, 2” x 4” x 0.125” (wall thickness), Aluminum Rectangular Tubing (high corrosion resistance alloy) and include 4” x 4” supports for the fan deck.  Wall Sections are welded into panels 8’ wide and full height of kiln wall with full length vertical members spaced every 47” and a minimum of three (3) horizontal cross members, all solidly welded.  Battens of mineral wool insulation, 4” thick, are fitted into the frame openings.  An inner skin of 0.040” smooth aluminum sheeting is stretched and fitted to the inside of each panel, while 0.032 corrugated aluminum sheets are installed on the outside of the panels in the field with stainless steel screws on close centers.  The aluminum inner skins are held in place by stainless fasteners.  Corrugated sheets are made from aluminum.


Mineral Wool Insulation - 4” thick wall/roof insulation has R = 20 (approximately, at 6 lb. density = 4.35R per inch).  Mineral Wool insulation has been found in laboratory tests to resist the accumulation of moisture better than foam materials.  The corrugated outer siding helps the panels to “breath”, eliminating condensation buildup that occurs inside the panels. Mineral Wool insulation does not break down or lose “insulation value” as solid-core insulation types do. Mineral Wool insulation is rated for use at higher temperatures than are the foam insulation types.

Roof - Roof panels are nominally 4½” thick and like the sidewall panel’s 8’ wide x the full depth of the kiln enclosure.  These roof panels are fastened to the enclosure with ¼ x 1 ½ tek-screws on 36” centers at each truss and rear beam.  The roof and side-wall panels are sealed together using 1/4” x 1-1/2” foam strips, then covered by a formed 0.060” aluminum sealing strip which is fastened to both side-wall and roof panels with stainless steel fasteners on close centers.  The roof slope is 1” in 1’.  Heavy gauge corrugated aluminum sheeting is installed over these roof panels in the field, same as with the sidewall panels.


Two (2) Powered venting shown above to facilitate lumber drying. The motors, control panel and all electrical are mounted outside the heated area of the treater to promote long motor life and easy access.

Roof Panel Construction - Roof panels, like the side-wall panels, consist of heavy structural aluminum tube frame welded together and using mineral wool insulation, with a smooth 0.040” aluminum interior and a corrugated 0.032” aluminum exterior, providing the absolute strongest and best sealed kiln enclosure in the industry.

Standard Door – Standard lift and carry system to lift door and release onto hooks each side securing and sealing door. All aluminum tubing welded together for stiffness. Insulated with mineral wool and covered in aluminum.


Optional Powered Bi-fold Door - This horizontal Bi-Fold design is constructed of heavy aluminum structural tubing, welded into a strong framework, and fitted with 2” thick, mineral wool insulation. After being covered with 6 mil. Vinyl sheeting, the door panels are covered with the same 0.040” aluminum as with the side-wall and roof panels, smooth on the inside, corrugated on the outside. The main door hinges are constructed of 1/2” thick x 2” wide aluminum bars, welded to the doorframe and pinned through two other bars on the adjoining members with 3/4” diameter, stainless steel pins. The door utilizes a rubber, tadpole-type bulb gasket at the pinch points at the top and center hinge, with a soft, double bulb silicone rubber seal on each side.  Once in place, the door is clamped shut by latches, providing the best door seal available. A 2 hp brake motor, directly connected to a 60:1 reducer drive, which in turn is directly connected to a winch, raises the door.  For safety, the door is designed so that any of the cables can support the entire door.


The quoted equipment erected on customer’s concrete pad and footings.

All prices FOB Lenoir, NC.

TOTAL AS DESCRIBED ABOVE WITH – All prices FOB Hudson---------------$ .00

Above price includes installation crew to erect equipment and train your operator.


Optional Powered BI-FOLD DOOR------------------------------------------------------------- $ 4,500.00

Optional 1/8” plate on sidewalls----------------------------------------------------------------$ 6,800.00

Freight is included with base price.



45%     Down payment with purchase order.  This guarantees your placement in production                 schedule.

35%     Due when equipment arrives at job site. (driver will not release load until wired payment is received).

20%     Due when equipment is ready to operate. (upon arrival all gas and electrical must be available. Any delay subject to $ 50/man/hr./plus expenses, not to exceed 48hrs.)


Incoming Fuel for Burner.

All necessary equipment for erection including man-lifts, etc.

All lighting.

Obtain all required building permits.

Provide heavy equipment (cranes, forklifts, etc.)

Notify SELLER in writing of all applicable city, county, state or provincial codes that must be complied with.  Otherwise, SELLER assumes no responsibility for compliance with any such city, county, state or provincial code.

Provide all necessary site preparation to include concrete foundation, slab and/or curb walls (if required).

Unload and provide dry storage for equipment and material shipments prior to the arrival of the installation crew.  Provide forklift for the relocation of these material to the job site upon arrival of the installation crew.

Provide temporary electrical service of 1 ph. 60 cy. 120/240 v with ground for installation crew use during installation.

Provide clean, lubricated compressed air, if required. (optional)

Provide sprinkler system piping and installation, if required.

Limited Warranty:

“The equipment supplied by BOLDESIGN is warranted to be free from defects in Workmanship and materials for a period of one (1) year from the date of the original installation or 15 months from the date of delivery, whichever comes first (the results of ordinary wear and tear, neglect, misuse or accident from any cause not to be considered a defect).  A new or re-manufactured part will be supplied by BOLDESIGN providing the defective part is first returned to BOLDESIGN for inspection.  The replacement part assumes the unused portion of the original warranty.  This warranty does not include labor, shipping costs, or other costs incurred for diagnosis, repairing, removing, or re-installing the defective or replacement parts. BOLDESIGN makes no warranty as to the fitness of the equipment for a particular use and shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential damages against BOLDESIGN for injuries or damages to third parties resulting from BUYER’s use or ownership of the equipment. No other warranties, expressed or implied, will be honored unless in writing by an Officer of BOLDESIGN Inc.”.

DELIVERY (depending on shop schedule)

Kiln delivered to job site 6-8 weeks upon receipt of wire or check.

*Reviewed and approved____________ (Customer Initials)


ENTIRE AGREEMENT: This contract constitutes the entire agreement between the parties hereto, and there are no understandings, representations, or warranties of any kind express, implied, statutory or otherwise (including, but without limitations, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose), not expressly set forth herein.

TITLE: Title to the equipment and material covered by this contract, and to all additions or accessions thereto and substitutions therefor, shall remain in SELLER until BUYER has completed payment of the purchase price, plus accrued interest, and fully performed all of the terms and conditions hereof, and BUYER grants to SELLER a security interest in and to such equipment and materials as security for the full performance of BUYER’s obligations hereunder.

SELLER’S REMEDIES:  Time is of the essence hereof; and in the event that BUYER fails to make any payment hereunder when due,  or otherwise defaults in the performance of the terms and conditions hereof, or if a receiver or trustee of BUYER 's property or business is appointed by any court, or if a proceeding in bankruptcy or insolvency is instituted by or against BUYER and not dismissed within sixty (60) days, or if BUYER makes an assignment for the benefit of creditors, or if for any other reason SELLER deems itself to be insecure hereunder, the entire amount unpaid hereunder shall become immediately due and payable, at SELLER’s option. In such event, SELLER may exercise the rights of a secured creditor under the Commercial Code; and in conjunction with, addition to, or substitution for these rights, SELLER may take immediate possession of the material and equipment covered hereby (including all additions or accessions thereto and substitutions therefor), without notice, demand or legal process and without liability to BUYER for any damages or otherwise for so doing, and retain all payments therefore made by BUYER as liquidated damages and compensation for the use and wear of the equipment(and not by way of penalty). The aforesaid remedies shall be cumulative to all other rights of remedies now or hereafter given to SELLER by law; and SELLER may enforce one or more remedies hereunder successively or concurrently.

SELLER’S LIABILITY: The SELLER warrants equipment of its own manufacture for a period of one (1) year from date of shipment against defective workmanship and materials (the results of ordinary wear and tear, neglect, misuse or accident from any cause not to be considered a defect); but SELLER’s liability for defective parts shall in no event exceed the furnishing of replacement parts F.O.B. the factory where originally manufactured.  Equipment and material covered hereby, which is not manufactured by Seller, shall be covered only by the warranty of its manufacturer.  It is understood that SELLER’s liability under this warranty is to be limited to the furnishing of credit, duplicate part or parts.  No other warranties, expressed or implied, will be honored unless in writing by an  officer of SELLER The SELLER shall not be liable to BUYER for loss, damage or injury to persons (including death), or to property or things of what so ever kind (including but without limitation, loss of anticipated profits), occasioned by or arising out of the installation, operation, use, misuse, repair or replacement of said equipment and material, or out of the use of any method or process for which the same may be employed.

RISK OF LOSS:  The risk of loss or destruction of or damage to, said equipment and material shall be on BUYER from and after delivery to BUYER or carrier.  Said material and equipment shall be insured by BUYER at its own expense against loss or damage by fire and other causes, in an amount not less than the balance due to SELLER hereunder.  SELLER shall hold the policy or policies of insurance until full payment of the purchase price, plus accrued interest, has been made.  In the event that said equipment and material is destroyed or damaged by fire or any other cause whatever, whether within or without BUYER’s control, BUYER shall nevertheless be liable to SELLER for the full amount of the unpaid purchase price, plus accrued interest, but any insurance paid to SELLER on account of any such destruction or damage shall be credited against such unpaid purchase price.  It is the intent of the SELLER and BUYER that all risks of loss including, but not limited to, losses caused by SELLER’s negligence or for which SELLER would be liable under any legal theory except the limited warranty set forth in paragraph 8.4, “SELLER’s Liability”, shall be covered by an insurance policy purchased by BUYER.  In the absence of such insurance, BUYER shall be solely responsible for all such losses.

TAXES: Property taxes assessed against said material and BUYER shall pay equipment.  Should any tax assessment become delinquent, BUYER shall promptly so notify SELLER; and any payment made by SELLER to discharge such assessment shall become part of the purchase price and be secured by and under this contract.  Prices do not include applicable sales, use or like taxes unless specifically stated on the face of the sales agreement.  Payment of such taxes to taxing authorities is the responsibility of the BUYER except to the extent BUYER pays such taxes to SELLER.

CONTINGENCIES: SELLER shall not be liable to BUYER for any loss or damage suffered by BUYER, directly or indirectly, as a  result  of SELLER 's failure to perform, or delay in performing any term or condition hereof where such failure or delay is caused by fires,  labor strikes and lockouts, wars, embargoes, government regulations or restrictions of any and all kinds, expropriation of plant by Federal or State authority, interruption of or delay in transportation, inability to obtain materials and supplies, excess demand for  equipment over the  available supply, accidents, explosions, acts of God, or other causes of like or different character beyond SELLER  's control.

NON-WAIVER:  Waiver by SELLER of any default or defaults of BUYER shall not be construed as a waiver of any subsequent default; and the acceptance by SELLER of overdue payments shall not constitute a waiver of any default except with respect to the payments so accepted.  No extension of the time of payment or other indulgence granted to BUYER shall operate as a waiver of any SELLER 's rights hereunder.

ADDITIONS AND SUBSTITUTIONS:  If substitutions or additional equipment is purchased by BUYER from SELLER, the terms and conditions of this contract shall be applicable thereto, the same as if such substitute or additional equipment had been originally purchased, hereunder.

OSHA DISCLAIMER: SELLER specifically disclaims any warranty for compliance with the Walsh-Healy Public Contracts Act and Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, and regulations promulgated thereunder unless explicitly enumerated in this agreement.

INCORPORATION OF PURCHASE DOCUMENTS:  The terms and conditions herein inure to and become operative in any purchase order or sale documents, which BUYER offers or accepts with reference to, this Sales Agreement, and any offer or acceptance by SELLER as expressly conditioned on assent to the terms set out herein.  Failure to object to these terms or acceptance of goods described herein shall be deemed to be an acceptance by BUYER of such terms and conditions.  Any additional or different terms or conditions in Buyer’s offer or acceptance shall be deemed objected to by SELLER and shall be of no effect.

MISCELLANEOUS:  This contract shall not be binding on SELLER unless approved by an officer or other authorized representative of SELLER in the place provided on the face hereof.


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SELLER:  BOLDesign, Inc

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