High temp pole drying kilns are a method for treating and drying poles such as sign poles, house columns, utility poles, etc. They work to reduce the moisture amount in the wood of the pole which can increase their effectiveness and their life span. If your business needs an alternative dying method for increased productivity and revenue as well as lengthening the timber lifespan, you should most certainly consider investing in a high temp pole kiln. In this blog, we’ll go over what it is, how it functions, and which businesses can benefit from it. 

What are High Temp Pole Drying Kilns? 

It offers a different method than most timber kilns that provides a faster drying process at higher temperatures. Through the high temp pole kiln, which can be as high as 285F, the kiln vaporizes the water by boiling and creating dryness within the core of the timber. Drying times for timber vary depending on the thickness of the timber core, but a piece with a 50mm core can be dried with a high temp pole kiln in as little as 24 hours, making it one of the fastest lumber kilns in existence. 

How Pole Drying Kilns Work

A high temp pole kiln works through a push or pulled delivery system within the kiln, thus allowing the timber to dry evenly and thoroughly throughout. After the timber logs are put onto trolleys, they are guided onto the rails of the kiln, moving along the tracks inside. Hot air is blown through fans that dry the timber as it moves across the kiln. Through saturated water vapor, the kiln rapidly boils the water and heats the wood removing moisture not just from the outer surface but within the timber’s core.

Which Businesses Can Benefit From Pole Drying Kilns?

Any company looking to find new revenue streams and/or increased profits through selling dried lumber should invest in a lumber kiln. It’s relatively simple to use and cost-effective for companies who work in the lumber industry. Knowing that companies are seeing a ⅓ increase in profit for dried wood rather than green lumber makes purchasing a lumber kiln an obvious choice. As the high temp pole kiln is the fastest timber drying process on the market, it makes sense that they would be the smartest investment. 

Large businesses with a high volume of timber that needs drying benefit from high temp pole kilns because they are large enough to handle large-scale projects. However, small and midsize businesses have also found increased productivity with the high temp pole kiln even if they do generally fill smaller orders, as it’s not so large it decreases space. Companies who are looking for faster drying times but don’t want automatic machines, due to safety concerns and the like, love a high temp pole kiln because although it has a built-in sensor, the operator remains in control throughout the drying process. 

High Temp Pole Drying Kilns are a great investment for any lumber business looking to create a new revenue stream or grow their profits from selling dried logs, as it’s safe, quick, effective, and allows businesses to increase their efficiency. 

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