Read below and find out the top reasons why kiln-dried lumber is so popular

Whether you are interested in remodeling your kitchen or decorating your home, or working on an architectural project, choosing kiln-dried wood should be your top priority. If you are unfamiliar with why using kiln-dried wood in your project is of utmost importance, read this article till the end.

Less Likely To Deform

  • Several factors can affect the quality of kiln-dried lumber including temperature and humidity levels inside the kiln. If optimal temperature and moisture conditions are not maintained, the lumber will not dry properly and lead to issues later on. Unlike seasoned wood, kiln-dried wood is less likely to warp or crack.

The process of kiln drying helps stabilize the moisture of the wood and makes it tough. Kiln-dried lumber, therefore, makes an ideal choice for the construction and manufacturing of furniture. It is also stable to shrinkage and expansion with the fluctuations in the temperature or humidity.

Easy To Work With

  • Another reason to choose kiln-dried wood is that it is easier to work with. It is comparatively easy to cut and drill through the kiln-dried wood. For projects that require significant precision, kiln-dried wood is a perfect choice.

Moreover, this type of lumber is less likely to shrink than untreated wood. This gives you peace of mind that your finished project will look good.

Inhibits Mold And Mildew

  • Kiln-dried wood eliminates or mitigates the risk of mold and mildew growth. This is because kiln drying reduces the moisture below the levels needed for mold to thrive.

In addition, the high temperature in the kiln kills any existing mold and spores present on the wood thereby preventing them from growing any further. This makes kiln-dried lumber an excellent choice for areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

Saves Expenses In The Long Run

  • Due to its durability and wide range of applications, kiln-dried wood allows you to save money in the long run. Kiln-dried wood reduces the frequency with which homeowners have to repair or replace wood structures. Kiln drying produces a more consistent product that is less likely to distort or deteriorate.

Kiln-dried wood allows you to get the most from your wood. When it comes to season wood the expenses of fixing and replacing wood are more compared to kiln-dried wood. To get a more durable and cost-effective outcome, use kiln-dried lumber for your next project.

Protection Against Pests And Insects

  • Woodlands are infested with pests that lead to diseases such as ash borer and Dutch elm. All these issues can be eliminated by drying wood in the kiln. Insects, pests, bugs, bacteria, and all other microorganisms are killed by the high temperatures in the kiln.

Kiln-dried lumber can withstand the attack of insects and pests a lot better than regular lumber. The spores and eggs that may be hiding in the wood are eliminated in-controlled environment of the kiln. This makes the kiln-drying wood much more durable and ideal for all types of projects.

Preferable For Firewood

  • kiln-dried lumberKiln-dried wood is not only great for wood and construction projects but the cutoffs of the kiln-dried wood can also be preferably used as firewood. The drying process of the wood in the kiln removes almost all the moisture.

The resulting dry wood burns more efficiently than the greenwood. In addition, kiln-dried wood is also good for indoor fires since it produces less smoke and soot. However, it is important to choose reputable suppliers to get the highest quality wood.

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