When it comes to growing your lumber business, you need to find ways to save money while still ensuring you can keep up with production demands. A Dual Path Track Kiln by Boldesign may be a great option for your business.  Lumber is in short supply these days, and your business must find ways to innovate the entire process, from your lumber sourcing to your lumber kilns.

Fortunately, that’s what the industry-leading lumber kilns company BoldDesign Inc is here for. We understand how critical it is that your lumber business optimize your profitability while simultaneously reducing risk, cost, and time. That’s why we’ve put together this list of how one of our sophisticated, leading-edge dual path track kilns can save your business time and money and help accelerate your growth.

Our dual-path track kiln is completely automated with a built-in control system utilizing Window’s-based touch-screen technology, giving you convenient and real-time control over the entire process. These quality wood kilns are designed with variable pitch fans and impressive air-flow capacities to maximize efficiency. As green lumber is pushed in on one side of the system, the dry product comes out on the other side. As a result, the fresh lumber reconditions the treated wood while simultaneously being pre-dried by the finished product. This kiln dry lumber process can decrease forklift traffic, maintain energy consumption, and lower thermal energy usage.

Let’s find out what makes our customized dual-path kilns so beneficial for your business.

Our Dual Path Kiln Has Easy Automation

Keeping your lumber kilns moving is essential to optimizing your production and streamlining your operations. With our sophisticated dual-path kilns, you’ll have the power of automation at your fingertips. We build every one of our custom lumber kilns with a built-in control system that utilizes Window’s-based touch-screen technology to ensure you have convenient and real-time control throughout every step of the process.

Our Dual Path Kiln Uses Innovative Technology

We’re always finding ways to help your lumber production business keep things moving along without delay. For example, our high-quality wood kilns have built-in innovative designs that allow you to control variable pitch fans and optimize the impressive air-flow capacities to ensure maximum output and efficiency.

Our Dual Path Kilns are Easy to Maintain

When it comes to keeping up with the demands of your customers, you need to be able to trust that the equipment you’re using will hold up to the test. At BoldDesign Inc, we design and build fully customizable processing equipment for your business that’s easy to use with smart designs. For example, our dual-path lumber kilns are built specifically to always keep your product moving as you push green lumber into one end of the system and the dry product comes out the other. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Dual Path Kilns Save Time

We strive to create truly unique and comprehensive products that solve multiple problems and processes for your lumber business. For example, with our dual-path kilns, you’ll be able to put green lumber in. The way we’ve designed each chamber, as it comes out the other end dry, our innovative designs to have the fresh lumber recondition the treated wood while simultaneously being pre-dried by the finished product.

Dual Path Kiln Saves Energy and Money

With a BoldDesign Inc dual-path kiln, you’ll be able to decrease your forklift traffic, maintain energy consumption, and lower your thermal energy usage. Ultimately, our state-of-the-art kilns are designed with one thing in mind—saving you time and money every way we can.

If your business is searching for a lumber kiln, be sure to call the lumber kiln professionals at BoldDesign today. We can help you customize a dual-path kiln to fit the production needs of your business while saving you time and money.