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Industry-leading lumber kilns to optimize your business’s profitability while simultaneously reducing risk, cost, and time.

BolDesign, Inc. designs, builds, and sells customized processing equipment for professionals in the wood industry. Whether you’re heat treating, curing, or drying, we’re your go-to service provider. Our talented and highly experienced team offers custom equipment design, professional installation, and maintenance services. It’s our mission to provide businesses of all sizes with personalized and effective commercial wood kiln equipment to streamline their processes and maximize their profits. 

Advanced Technology

Each one of our high-quality lumber kilns is equipped with advanced technology to increase the accuracy of the job while keeping you ahead of the competition. All units are outfitted with fully-automated control packages that are easily and conveniently accessed with a touch-screen on Windows-based programming. This gives you remote access and control so you can stay on top of the kiln drying process to ensure everything is running smoothly. 

State-Of-The-Art Design

A BolDesign Inc. commercial wood kiln represents the very best in the industry. We construct each unit with a detailed aerodynamic design to ensure nothing mitigates airflow. The result is a pristinely balanced heat and air distribution system that will maximize output and decrease inefficiencies. 

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